Monday, January 30, 2017

Recovery can happen! You just have to believe it!

During this journey of warning the youth of the dangers of alcohol and drug use, and helping those in recovery to stay positive, I have learned one thing for sure.  "The enemy" is using alcohol and drugs to deter many people away from the path in life that has been planned for them.  It breaks my heart to look at the innocent teens who think that drinking one or two beers is just no big deal.  It breaks my heart to hear these people struggling with addiction tell us that they tried something one time, and it grabbed them so tight that they have fought for years to get away from it.  It is not simple anymore, it is a spiritual warfare, and we have to keep fighting.  We have met many people who have been on this journey of addcition for many years, yet they are winning.  Do not give up!!  It  can happen!!  You can win this battle!!  Your loved one can break free from addiction and the chains that hold him/her!!  We will not quit fighting this war until God has restored everything that has been stolen.  Just a few thoughts today.........

Thursday, June 18, 2015

       I cannot believe I have not written for a year.  Time flies by so quickly.  This past year has brought many broken hearts, families, and death due to drugs.  We have lost many lives through overdoses. I am heartsick over the devastation of what drugs are doing to our families and to our communities.  There seems to be no end.  Everyday in our nation, thousands of families are introduced in one way or another to the world of  addiction. I am sick of it!  Mothers and families with broken hearts are left to pick up the pieces.  HOPE is the only answer.  HOPE that the present younger generation will learn enough about the destruction of alcohol and drugs that they will never be tempted to try them.  HOPE that those in recovery  will have strength and support they need to stay on the right track.  HOPE that those who mourn will take their grief and be able to help fight this epidemic.  HOPE that somehow, those who distribute, will somehow see the unending and horrific pain they are causing.  I have to keep HOPE in my heart, there is no other way.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

We are finally legal!!

     Learning Perseverance and Patience has been a journey!!  Never Let Go Ministries has now obtained our 501C3 non-profit status!!
     Last Thursday, June 12, '14, I had called the IRS to check on our application that we had turned in to file for becoming a 501C3 non-profit organization.  I had checked the website and found out they were still working on last August's applications!  I was rather disappointed in thinking that we would have still yet a long wait.  I spoke with a man who said that you just have to wait your turn.  Then when I went out to get the mail, I saw an envelope from the IRS, and automatically thought maybe we were getting it back unapproved for some reason, but as I opened it and started to read it, I realized it was the letter to say that were now an official operating non-profit.  I cried like a baby.
     Later that night as I was sitting on our couch trying to comprehend what this was going to mean for us, I became so emotional realizing what my son's death has lead to.  God has used the most tragic and sorrowful time in my entire life, and was using it to make good.  I wrote in my journal that evening:
     "After a long and tiring journey, filled with sorrow, tears, heartache and uncertainty, I see the light that is coming from my son's death, and although I still miss him more than I can EVER find words for, I feel in my heart as though he has just been reborn.  His memory will live on forever, and he and Christ together up there, are going to save lives here, and even more importantly, SOULS!  Tears fall rapidly as I can picture him in Heaven saying "Go Mom go!"  I love you Marjoe, and I love You my Lord and Savior!  Thank you!"
     I don;t know what the Lord has planned now for this ministry, and I will admit I am scared, but I do know I have learned a lot since my son's death four years ago, and I now know that I will trust the Lord to use everything I have learned to give Him glory for the beauty that will come from the darkness.
     My words today are to tell each one of you to never give up!!!!  Continue to pray, persevere, hope and don;t ever think that you can't do something, because as long as you have God at your side, He can make it happen.  Another door of this journey closes, as another one opens..................................Dear Lord, guide us where You need us!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

I walk with Mary, our Blessed Mother, today on Good Friday.

Beautiful Cross Printed Image // 10 x 8 //
We send our love to the Heavens
     Today, on Good Friday, I walk the sorrowful journey with Mary, our blessed Mother.  My waking moment this morning reminded me that four years ago today I hugged my son's lifeless body for the last time in an ER room filled with pain,sorrow and disbelief.  For those of you who have never experienced the extreme and excruciating pain of losing a child, be thankful.  That morning on April 18, 2010, in the hospital, I saw my hopes and dreams for my 31 year old son, shatter in front of my eyes.  I saw my entire families lives change forever.  For those of you who think that "partying" is no big deal, then you are so wrong, because it does kill.  My son lost his life.  There are no words in any dictionary that could possibly describe the stabbing pain in my heart that some days nearly consume me. Yet, our God has been faithful, and He has carried our family when we did not have the strength to go on.  I cannot begin to imagine the sorrow that Mary went through watching her Son suffer and die for us.  But today, just as in that ER room four years ago, I know she and her Son are with me.
     I remember so vividly leaving the hospital and seeing all of the new life in Spring start to bloom, yet I knew that my son's life was over, and nothing could change it.  I watch the sun set tonight and I wonder how you are my son, and I send all of our love to the Heavens.  May you rest in the loving arms of Jesus, and may you be at peace, my son.  I am doing my best to spread your word, and to help others on this road of addiction.  I truly believe in the depths of my heart, that your death has saved lives, and I want to make you proud of the work we are doing for you, and that I have become a "mother on a mission", and I am now your voice.  To hear your voice, to feel your hugs, or to see your smile again, would be a gift from Heaven, yet I know that I can't now, and I have to accept that.  I will never quit loving you, or missing you.  Your entire family still cries from the pain and the questions of the past.  My only comfort is knowing that you gave your life back to the Lord, and that you were actually smiling again.  The months in rehab gave you new life, and a new spirit, and for that, this mother's heart will be forever thankful to all of those who helped you on the road to recovery.  I only wish you would have stayed closer to the people who truly loved you.  I hope your  35th birthday in Heaven on Wed. was filled with Peace and Joy.  As I always said each night at bedtime when you were growing up, "Goodnight, Mommy loves you, God bless you, see you ??? I use to say tomorrow, but now I have to say someday."  Love & Prayers Always, Mom
     Thank You Jesus, for dying for us, so that my son , and all of us, could have eternal life with You someday!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hi everyone!  It has been forever since I wrote something.  It has been so busy!  This month of April comes in with sadness and anxiety building in my heart.  The only people who could understand my feelings would be another parent who has buried a child because of drugs.  My son's 4th anniversary date is coming, and I am already trying to prepare for the day, but I believe that no matter what I do, my heart will feel the pain all over again, as the moments of that day come crashing into the private parts of my memory.  Sometimes, I wonder if the pain will ever end.  Sometimes I wonder why people keep partying when they know my son died from drugs.  As the rain falls outside my window, my tears fall upon my cheeks as I relive memories of the past, still wondering after nearly four years.....................what else could I have done???????????????????????????  I love you, my son, and I can only pray that your death has somehow, saved a life somewhere.  I will never quit missing you!!!!!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Bend In The Road

A Bend In The Road Is Not The End Of The Road
Unless You Fail To Make The Turn

Hello Everyone,
     It has been way too long since I have written a message.  You are not getting a picture this time, although I tried for a LONG time to put one on this page, but with no success.  Guess it has been too long since I have done it.
     This saying above was in one of my devotionals that my Godson got me for Christmas.  I thought it was a really good thought!!  I actually sent it to my friend Shawn and the AA guys in New York, hoping that it would encourage them to make the turn at all times.  Too many times when we are behind the wheel and trying to do everything ourselves, we fail to plan ahead, and end up going completely off the path that we were on.  I have done it myself at times.  So remember this important message, and allow yourself to try to see far enough ahead to know there is a bend coming, and ask God to help you make the turn.  He will do that! Listen for His voice, and He will tell you where to go.  
Snowy street — Stock Photo     Isaiah 30:21 While from behind, a voice shall sound in you ears:  "This is the way;walk in it," when you would turn to the right or to the left."
     OK, forget the second sentence, cause I just did it---not sure how, but I guess God wanted a picture after all.  (???)  

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Blessed and Peaceful New Year

  I write this on New Year's Eve in prayerful thought that you will all have a very blessed and peaceful New Year's Eve.  I will share my thoughts about this coming year..... a few things that we might do in order to have a stronger and more blessed year.      HAPPY NEW YEAR

May you have a blessed and safe New Year!
 Things to do for the New Year:
 Read scripture daily!
Do not beat yourself up for the past!
 Stay positive and focused!
Look at tomorrow only! (One day at a time!)
 Don’t worry about the future—God is already there!
 Enjoy the dream of tomorrow!
 Breathe in Peace and exhale fear and doubt!
 Pray, Pray, Pray, and Pray some more!
 Forgive yourself, forgive others, ask forgiveness!
Remind yourself daily: